Thursday, 28 March 2013

handdrawn type

This is a piece of typography work designed by a girl from the illustration pathway- Jennie Skeletons.

I asked her to upload this because I really love the feel of the octopus in the type. Just by adding the simplest of things to some type can make it feel completely different.

The type has a very fluid look to it and emphasises the idea of a sea creature or something living that moves, and the texture of the lettering illustrates that of an octopus.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Natural materials in type

Handmade type is my favourite kind of typography. I especially appreciate typefaces made from natural materials and this is what makes this piece special. 

Although the typeface is not drawn and it is made from leaves, flowers and stems, the materials are still used very well to make beautiful letters. Obviously the fact that the piece says "Hello Spring" makes it obvious what the message is, even without these words, a similar feel could be expressed just through any words due to the materials used.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

And it begins...

Hello, my name is Jenny and this is my blog, all things type. 

I have a great passion and interest in typography in all contexts and forms and this is why I have created a blog to share my interests and show my own creations. I have decided to aim for a typeface style per day from the beginning of my NMP at university all the way to the end. I have various ideas and I have been inspired by different typographers and artists as well as my own interests and the world around me.

This blog will for part of my final major project of my Graphic Design course.