Thursday, 9 May 2013

quick typeface

this is a typeface I made in about 2 minutes using different sauce. I did it to see the kind of effects I could get from the sauce. As when it comes out of the bottle it is rather unpredictable and comes out at different speeds etc it makes an interesting typeface with different thickness and texture.

Abstract typeface

This is a typeface that I made using just one of my doc marten boots. I tried to find different sections of the boot that looked like letters and managed to construct an a-z alphabet. Although the letters are hard to read, I think it makes an interesting typeface which relates to me because I love my docs.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

more simple type

This is another quick typeface I made by simply drawing on tarmac with a stone. I like the textures in the images when they are larger. Although it is a simple typeface, I can imagine it being used for something involving children or school etc.

quick typeface

This is a quick, simple typeface I designed. On a sunny day, I took advantage of it and used the weather as an excuse to go outside. I created this typeface quickly by drawing on the concrete in my front garden with water. I like the way it looks because it looks so freehand and handcrafted just how it should do.

Photography in type

I have played with shadows and this is a technique which is very popular for people with cameras. I would like to create a typeface like this for my nmp, maybe with a laser pen or a torch. This typeface is created using fire. It should be quick, simple and enjoyable to make.

simple objects for typefaces

I love these typefaces. They are examples of how simple it is to make letters out of any object. Just by making some quick adjustments and changes, a full alphabet can be made simply out of objects such as these.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Animal Typography

I went to Chester Zoo yesterday, so I used this as an oppurtunity to create another new typeface. I took many photographs of various different animals so I have created this simple typeface made by cutting sections from the photos and making letters from different animals patters and textures.